Who Would Play You In A Movie (8)

Dear Facebook, It was my idea first. Actually, that’s probably not true. But if you’re over on Facebook, you’ve noticed that last week was Doppelganger week, in which you put a famous person who is your likeness, as your profile pic. As it turns out, Josh Berk chose Mark Ruffalo as his likeness. As itContinue reading “Who Would Play You In A Movie (8)”

Who Would Play You In a Movie (7)

Remember Louis? I interviewed him for my soldier series. And I was all like, he’s so badass but so sweet and nice and super in love with his wife. Well, his lovely and hilarious wife, Amythyst, suggested the perfect actor to play him for my movie. I’m so excited to add Mr. T to theContinue reading “Who Would Play You In a Movie (7)”

Who Would Play You in a Movie (6)

Kristin kind of rules this game. And by kind of, I mean totally. In fact, she and another girl I don’t know, found Kristin’s Hollywood likeness without my help. She also helped me cast Heidi, Josh’s sister. (Full cast list below) Kristin and I work together at a place that shall remain nameless, but someContinue reading “Who Would Play You in a Movie (6)”

Who Would Play You In A Movie? (5)

I haven’t played this game in a while. I’ve cast Josh and his other siblings: Kari and Heidi.  I better complete this portion of the casting. For Josh’s older Brother, Erik, I’m casting Jeff Daniels. There’s a softness in his temperament that resembles Erik’s. And I like how Jeff Daniels plays kindness with a bitContinue reading “Who Would Play You In A Movie? (5)”

Who Would Play You In A Movie (4)

Welcome back to the movie of my life where I cast Hollywood stars as my friends and family. Today I’m featuring the lovely smart and sweet Jennifer Garner as Amythyst Romero. I met Amythyst here in Michigan shortly after her family had moved from the Bay Area. We’d recently moved from the Bay Area too.Continue reading “Who Would Play You In A Movie (4)”

Who Would Play You In A Movie? (3)

Casting continues for the movie of my life. I realize I keep casting Josh’s family; I don’t know why they are so much easier to cast than my family and I promise I’ll cast my friends (Amythst Romero,  you’re next.) and possibly my bosses. But today belongs to Josh’s other sister, Heidi. The family isContinue reading “Who Would Play You In A Movie? (3)”

Who Would Play You In A Movie? (2)

Last week I decided to cast the roles of my friends and family in case Hollywood comes a callin’; I mean, they would totally want my opinion on who to cast, right? I started with my adorable husband. Today I’m casting his sister, Kari. Unlike Josh, whose role took me years to cast, his sisterContinue reading “Who Would Play You In A Movie? (2)”

Who Would Play You In a Movie?

My family has this ongoing game of trying to decide who would play particular family members if there was a movie about our life. Which, of course there will be some day.  Josh has always been a little tricky to cast. Well, I’m very excited because I think I’ve found the guy!  John Kasinski! CheckContinue reading “Who Would Play You In a Movie?”