Throwback Thursday (Formerly Self-Deprecating Sunday)

Self-Deprecating Sunday started because I’d written a YA novel about a girl in R.O.T.C. in high school.  I was looking for photos of myself in my uniform–had to get the description of the uniform just right. I found some of those photos. I’m the one in the ridiculous glasses,  on the right. Even beyond R.O.T.C., it really cracked me up to look back on all the outfits I wore and what I knew was hip and cool, so I started showcasing some of that on my blog. So much of being a teen is about exploring your identity; it’s partly why I love writing about teens.  With these posts I’m making fun of myself, yes, but fun is the big idea here. We all get through the awkward years–some of us with more flair than others, but it is fun to look back. Eventually I asked other YA authors to share in the self-deprecation, as well. We’re generally a confident group of  people with a fantastic sense of humor.

If you’re a YA author and would like to be featured on Self-Deprecating Sunday Throwback Thursday, please let me know.

Contact: jody.mugele(at)

1. Blue glasses Jody Sparks (The post that started it all)
2. Tube Socks Jody Sparks
3. I was an eighth grade cheerleader and still know the fight song Jody Sparks
4. Graduation Day Jody Sparks
5. Senior Prom Jody Sparks
6. The Mickey Mouse Goth Movement Jody Sparks
7. Little League Jody Sparks
8. Mall Bangs and Hair Wings of Glory Jody Sparks
9. Yes, We Have NACHOS Jody Sparks
10. Cherry Picking Jody Sparks
11. It’s NOT a Mullet Jody Sparks
12. Junior Prom Jody Sparks
13. Jazz Cowboy Josh Berk
14. Don’t Worry; It’s Taken by a Professional Tina Ferraro
15. Freshman Dorm Jody Sparks
16. Before There Was Goth C. J. Omololu
17. Victorian Frocks and Chasity Belts Brodi Ashton
18. Geometry Proof Jody Sparks
19. Easter Schmeaster Jody Sparks
20. Guess Mindi Scott
21. Camel Toe Christy Raedeke
22. More Than a Floating Head Jody Sparks
23. A Politically Incorrect Rodent Jody Sparks
24. Rec Specs Jody Sparks
25. Father’s Day Edition Jody Sparks
26. Ode To A John Hughes Film Jody Sparks
27. Retainer Mike Mullin
28. Throwback Thursday Debut Shannon Lee Alexander