Transgender Topics

There is a knowledge gap right now between parents and children about what it means to be transgender. That gap has been closing, especially since around 2015 when trans visibility soared. I’m writing this in 2020. Our kids still tend to know far more than we do. We parents often find ourselves racing to become educated when our kids come out. We often initially react with fear and confusion, though some may hide it better than others.

Here’s what I wish I knew ahead of time: this transition would make us all better people. Deep pride and joy would prevail.

If you are parent who is new to the idea that your child may transition or has already started transitioning, that may feel shocking to read. The narrative we most often hear, or tell ourselves, is the opposite of pride and joy. We must edit that narrative. Realizing who our kids really are is important and incredibly rewarding.

It can be a struggle to get to a place of pride and joy. Enter the struggle with open arms. You are not alone. Want to read about my struggles and experiences?

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Also, find a parent support group with a PFLAG chapter near you. It will help.