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I have always chased whimsy. I love spectacle and romance and Christmas. I am a risk taker and a creative. I absolutely love seeing evidence that the world is pretty. This site is lovely wad of all the beautiful stuff (difficult and easy) I have encountered and created.

A bit more detail: During my strange and frustrating career in marketing writing, and during my even more strange and frustrating attempt to sell novels, my son came out as transgender. Then Trump was elected. Life felt absurd. My books grew funnier and more absurd–and still did not sell. I threw myself into advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community with PFLAG in Indianapolis. I helped parents. I helped people at risk for homelessness. I helped create community programming and gave conference talks. Then one day I found myself an empty nester, moved to Northeast Georgia, and the pandemic hit.

Like most people, I craved good feelings and making pretty things. So I got a puppy, began thrifting online, and started crafting these kitschy Christmas dioramas and tree ornaments. I can’t seem to stop. That’s where I am now–crafting so hard that I had to start an Etsy shop called Kitsch Kringle Studio.

So, everything is here–from my old book life to my trans advocacy life to my Christmas crafting life. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Kitsch Kringle Studio

Vintage Christmas Shadow Boxes and Handmade Diorama Holiday Ornaments for people who love kitschy Mid Century Modern Christmas decor. Plus fairies, dragons, and dinosaurs! Click the pic.

Transgender Writings and Resources

My Pride. This guy helps my uncover layers of empathy I didn’t know I lacked. Parenting is wild. Need support? I did too. Read more here.


Maybe someday I’ll publish my novels independently. I don’t know. It was never the dream, but my attempt a traditional publishing was a nightmare. I’m still angry and grieving. Anyway, this space is reserved for book stuff.

What People Are Saying

I’m going to decorate your funeral like it’s Christmas.

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You are sooooooo a number 7 on the Enneagram!

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