Who Would Play You In a Movie (7)

Remember Louis? I interviewed him for my soldier series. And I was all like, he’s so badass but so sweet and nice and super in love with his wife. Well, his lovely and hilarious wife, Amythyst, suggested the perfect actor to play him for my movie. I’m so excited to add Mr. T to the cast list. He can totally play soldier/nice guy, right?

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Jody Sparks Mugele spent her first career in marketing writing and leading teams of writers and editors. After her son came out as transgender in 2015, she dedicated herself to advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. For two years, she led the Indianapolis regional chapter of PFLAG, a nationally renowned LGBTQ+ advocacy group. She has given many conference talks about parenting trans kids, healthcare in the trans community, and suicidality among LGBTQ+ youth. And with GenderNexus, an Indianapolis-based advocacy organization, she created programming and led support groups to work with parents to help their children through all aspects of gender transition. She recently moved to Northeast Georgia where she is excited to develop opportunities to continue to strongly and proudly advocate for LGBTQ+ members of our society. She also LOVES kitschy Christmas crafting!

8 thoughts on “Who Would Play You In a Movie (7)

  1. Of COURSE he can play play soldier/nice guy! Mr. T can play ANYTHING. I’ve seen him do Shakespeare and it melted my brain. That’s not really true, but I believe that it could be. Sad thing is he’s NOT playing B.A. Baracus in the new A-Team movie. It’s ridiculous. But the good thing is that there will be a new A-Team movie. I feel pretty god about that. Liam Neeson is in it.

  2. Did I really “pretty god?” I meant “pretty good.” It was probably not a typo but a Freudian slip b/c I believe Mr. T to be a god.

  3. In that one I did make a typo. I forgot the word “write.” Probably you figured that out. I get sort of excited by Mr. T and am typing really fast.

    I’m done.

    1. I love that you get excited and flustered over Mr. T. I love that there’s a new A Team movie coming out. I love that you once started a B. A. Baracus cult. That is so funny!

      1. Play play! I missed that. Ha! I sure do get flustered flustered about Mr. T. Did I ever tell you how great his autobiography is? One of my favorite books EVER.

        And agreed: You sure are mean to me. To make it up you should probably do a “Who Would Play BERK In a Movie?” post. I’m going to go ahead and suggest Jude Law. Or maybe Mr. T.

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