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Welcome back to the movie of my life where I cast Hollywood stars as my friends and family. Today I’m featuring the lovely smart and sweet Jennifer Garner as Amythyst Romero.

I met Amythyst here in Michigan shortly after her family had moved from the Bay Area. We’d recently moved from the Bay Area too. She was kind and friendly and we immediately liked each other. (I think.) She had kids about the same age as mine. And a bonus feature was that she had served in the Air Force. We had a LOT to talk about. While I love these photos, I’m sad I couldn’t get a good match of shots where they are both smiling. Amythyst is has a brightness in her smile and eyes that are magnetic and adorable. Also, look for Amythyst to be interviewed later as part of my Interview With a Soldier series. (hint hint, Amythyst.)

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jennifer garner