Self-Deprecating Sunday (4)

Graduation Day: June 6, 1993. We were the Pike Red Devils. According to the crest in the photo, our school valued Honor, Pride, and Scholarship. And there’s me with my mouse ears. Gray Suit Guy digs it. The other women in the photo are unclear about what to think, and Podium Guy does not approve. The thing is, this get-up would have been kind of clever if I was making some statement on Public Education as an institution. But no. I just liked Mickey Mouse. Perhaps this is why I did not graduate with honors? Grades-wise I was fantastically mediocre, but boy did I have flair.

Graduation 1.jpeg

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Jody Sparks Mugele spent her first career in marketing writing and leading teams of writers and editors. After her son came out as transgender in 2015, she dedicated herself to advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. For two years, she led the Indianapolis regional chapter of PFLAG, a nationally renowned LGBTQ+ advocacy group. She has given many conference talks about parenting trans kids, healthcare in the trans community, and suicidality among LGBTQ+ youth. And with GenderNexus, an Indianapolis-based advocacy organization, she created programming and led support groups to work with parents to help their children through all aspects of gender transition. She recently moved to Northeast Georgia where she is excited to develop opportunities to continue to strongly and proudly advocate for LGBTQ+ members of our society. She also LOVES kitschy Christmas crafting!

5 thoughts on “Self-Deprecating Sunday (4)

  1. How could I have forgotten that. I obviously don’t remember things that I thought I did. I need to drag out photos. I honestly look forward to see what picture you pull and what you have to say. I bet there are so many people seeing a completely different side of you. What do the girls have to say about this?

    1. Jennie, thanks. I’ll be home for Thanksgiving. Let’s makes some time to reminisce and look through yearbooks! The girls laugh at me, mostly. Sometimes Magnolia will do a half-cringinng half-laughing thing like she’s not sure what to do. The blue glasses though–that really got them. Maggie wants to dress up for Halloween next year as the goof that is me in that picture. Nice.

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