Throwback Thursday with Shannon Lee Alexander

Given the trendiness of Throwback Thursday, I’m re-branding my beloved series of guest author posts called “Self-Deprecating Sunday.” Self-Deprecating Sunday started because I’d written a YA novel about a girl in R.O.T.C. in high school. I was looking for photos of myself in my uniform–had to get the description of the uniform just right. I foundContinue reading “Throwback Thursday with Shannon Lee Alexander”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (27) – Mike Mullin

In which young adult author, Mike Mullin, gives us a look into his teenage self! We all had our share of Awkward, and most of us go on to have beautiful lives. Some of us even get to be published authors! So, as promised, here is some pre-Super Bowl fun for all my fellow IndianapolisContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (27) – Mike Mullin”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (17) Brodi Ashton

Welcome back to Self-Deprecating Sunday (It’s been tooooooo long!), which treats of YA  authors sharing the Great and Awkward of their teenage years. I’m recycling an old favorite today in honor of Brodi Ashton’s book launch! Her paranormal YA romance, Everneath debuted this week! Her blog is a must-read–so funny–and surely gives a taste ofContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (17) Brodi Ashton”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (26)

I haven’t self-deprecated in a while. And with school starting, I thought I’d treat my people to a few more school photos! For those of you who may be new to Self-Deprecating Sunday, here’s the story: It’s pretty hilarious, and sometimes touching, to look back on the “flair” we writers for teens gave our ownContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (26)”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (23)

In which the YA author showcases her teenage years in all their awkward glory. This one is for all those Disney fans out there. I’ve talked about the weird obsession I had in high school (and into college) with all things Disney here on Self-Deprecating Sunday: my trying to make “The Happiest Place On Earth”Continue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (23)”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (22)

In which the YA author showcases the great and awkward of the teenage years. Today I give you a photo that isn’t as self-deprecating as usual (more great than awkward), but one that is close to my heart for the date in which it represents. Never mind that I’m wearing oddly-patterned stirrup pants. (Luckily IContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (22)”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (21) Christy Raedeke

Sometimes you get to know someone because their blog makes for excellent reading. That’s how I got to know Christy. Juvenescence is a great author blog. Before I even knew what her book, The Prophecy of Days, was about, I was like, I’m definitely reading that book. THEN one of my friends goes, “Did youContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (21) Christy Raedeke”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (20) Mindi Scott

Which treats of YA authors sharing the great and awkward of their teenage years. Today, I’m honored to have a guest post by the sweet Mindi Scott, debut author of FREFALL, available October 5, 2010 from Simon Pulse. Visit her blog or website to learn more  about Mindi and her book. I immediately added FREEFALLContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (20) Mindi Scott”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (19)

Which delights in YA authors sharing the great and awkward of being a teenager. Today I give you myself and my sister on Easter, circa 1992-ish. Nothing in the Nineties said “Easter” like perms and white panty hose.  Oh, wait! Yes, there is one more thing: shoulder pads! I think this was the first yearContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (19)”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (18)

In which the YA Author showcases The Great and Awkward of being a teenager. This Sunday I give geometry class 1990. Proof, if you will, that I should’ve paid more attention to how I dressed. For instance, not wearing my grandfather’s shorts. (Hey, they’re geometrical.) Yes, I really did steal my granddad’s shorts. That isContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (18)”