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Which delights in YA authors sharing the great and awkward of being a teenager.

Today I give you myself and my sister on Easter, circa 1992-ish. Nothing in the Nineties said “Easter” like perms and white panty hose.  Oh, wait! Yes, there is one more thing: shoulder pads! I think this was the first year I went without a bonnet. Impressively, Amy found a way to work her perm under the hat. I wouldn’t have anything to do with that, thank you. But I do remember enjoying picking out blue shoes and earrings to match those crazy glasses. Smiling at all on Easter took effort.

Forgive me if I seem bitter about this holiday. You see, when I was four years old, the Easter Bunny (who is really the Boogieman) came into my bedroom and sure he left me candy, but that little bastard also took my blankie. Forever. I’ve been told I used to talk in my sleep, but I’m pretty sure I struck no bargain involving giving away blankie for a basket of chocolate. Amy didn’t have to trade anything. What was up with that? I never cared for Easter since. I think Amy felt bad for me about the whole thing. Why else would she wear those gloves? Clearly, so I could come back to this moment in time, point, and laugh. (Confession: I always did love that hat. I even borrowed it when she went off to college.)

Next week we have guest post with the adorable Mindi Scott, debut author of FREEFALL coming out in October. She has sent me her submission and I will tell you right now that it’s in the top five most self-deprecating photos! I’ve had a hard time holding back from posting it. So, that’s going to be awesome. And if you’re a YA author, and would like to do a guest post over here at Sparks and Butterflies, please contact me! Jody.mugele(at)gmail.com It’s more fun than church. (Especially Easter!)