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In which the YA author showcases the great and awkward of the teenage years.

Today I give you a photo that isn’t as self-deprecating as usual (more great than awkward), but one that is close to my heart for the date in which it represents. Never mind that I’m wearing oddly-patterned stirrup pants. (Luckily I pulled my socks up over the stirrups.) Never mind that Matt gets completely lost in the photo if you’re not putting the effort in to see a dim outline of his sweater. And never mind that the photographer posed us in such a way that I actually look like I’m twiddling my thumbs and Matt is pointing it out. Because no, this was a great date. A rarity in high school.

I barely remember anything about the plot. I know there was a dance at his school and I know he showed me some of his artwork, which was impressive in a way that went way beyond the fact that I intended to flatter him anyways because I liked him.  He could paint. I know there was kissing; I definitely remember he showed me how to do it well. (We all have one of those, right? Where you’re like, ohhhhhhhh, that’s how kissing is supposed to be!) Mostly what I remember is his character. Totally gentlemanly. He was kind and attentive. If he was nervous, he hid it well. He didn’t mind that I was completely nervous and it showed all over me. Oh nervous girl that was me in high school, I wish I could tell you to just relax! But thank you, Matt, for your kindness. That will always stay with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better first boyfriend.

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