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I haven’t self-deprecated in a while. And with school starting, I thought I’d treat my people to a few more school photos! For those of you who may be new to Self-Deprecating Sunday, here’s the story: It’s pretty hilarious, and sometimes touching, to look back on the “flair” we writers for teens gave our own teen years, so that’s what these posts are all about.

My sister helped me dig these photos up and she said of the last one, “You’re like an ode to a John Hughes film.” Possibly that was the best compliment ever. My family and classmates often compared my looks to Molly Ringwald, well, when my hair was dyed red. Which it’s not in these photos, so maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up. Whatever.

So this is me in seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth grade. A couple of these are repeats, but I had to include them again so you could appreciate the progression–or lack thereof. Apparently, the whole collared-shirt-under-a-crew-neck-sweater was my thing. And my crazy awesome hair. Then the whole spray-puff-the-hell-out-of-your-perm fad began to fade, and my love of sweaters did too. (Bonus points for the girls who know which of the sweaters was a United Colors of Benetton brand.) By tenth grade, I was verging on normal. Couldn’t put down the hairspray though. That would wait until eleventh grade.

My oldest daughter starts seventh grade this year. I’ll try to encourage her to wear a sweater and a collar for picture day.

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