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In which the YA Author showcases The Great and Awkward of being a teenager.

This Sunday I give geometry class 1990. Proof, if you will, that I should’ve paid more attention to how I dressed. For instance, not wearing my grandfather’s shorts. (Hey, they’re geometrical.) Yes, I really did steal my granddad’s shorts. That is a true story. I also borrowed my dad’s butter-yellow button down shirt and rolled the sleeves of it over a navy blue sweatshirt (I’d bet there’s a Jesus graphic of some kind on it, too: “true love waits” or some such). Of course, this outfit couldn’t be completed without the blue glasses, and the mod all-black Chuck Taylors. I wonder how many times the skaters looked at me and muttered, “Poser.” And perhaps the oddest thing of all is that my hair is verging on normal.

What can we take away from this? My good taste in people. At least I had the sense to hang with Cheyanne who did the era proud: Her perm is exactly right (foreshadowing her growing up to become a fancy L.A. hair designer), her friendship bracelets are stacked like a totem of coolness, and her jeans are pegged to perfection. A solid black tee announcing her apathy for things like math and plaid, in a cool way, of course.

I’ll be having more guest posts in the coming weeks! And remember, if you’re a YA author and would like to do a guest post here on Self-Deprecating Sunday, please contact me jody.mugele(at)gmail.com. It’s more fun than Church.