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Josh is on this weird rotation where he works early, so he goes to bed early, and for the last week I’ve been the only one up past 9:30. What’s weird is that I haven’t wanted to write–normally a signal all is not well. But it’s okay. I’ve been preoccupied. Not unmotivated.

Be proud of me, my friends: my treadmill time is slowly becoming less of a dreadful thing. (New motto: More Tread Less Dread.) (That replaces the old motto: Cope Don’t Mope.) (My people have this thing about family mottos. I grew up on: Work Hard and Be Loyal.) Anyway, I still argue with myself daily, my will to put on my running shoes waging war on my desire for that morning cup of joe and nice game or 20 of Bejeweled instead. It’s ugly. But discipline is winning. So, my energy is coming back to me, becoming more steady. Yay. But my desire to write in the last week has diminished. Like I said, it’s okay.

This is a big week. I’ll have 12-year-old, this Wednesday. (I’m old.) Josh matches on Thursday. (FINALLY!) We received an offer on our house. (What!?!) Nothing is completely official, but my head is full of hope. And so these nights I’ve had alone, instead of writing, I’ve wanted to lose myself in reading. But, I realized last night, after the kids made a blanket fort stretching from the treadmill to the couch and beyond, that we have a serious lack of soft chairs in our house! Exact count: 0. We have a couch. I ended up in my office chair. Weird. I was actually going to read in the blanket fort, but then I realized we don’t own a flashlight either. (Note to Josh’s family:ย  possible Christmas drawing theme: Light. Or, Flash? Wait, not flash. No flashing!) Anyway, I’m looking forward to the newness ahead, wherever it may be. This may be my last post before Thursday (maybe an Eleanor story on her birthday), but as I linger in these last few days of not knowing, I am happy to sit in the quiet and think about a chair, a nice cozy chair in a more peaceful and secure life. It’s coming eventually.

And while I’m talking about reading, if you are a reader, YA writer, or blogger, you may want to participate in Author Appreciation Week, an idea by debut author, Heidi Kling. Have an author you love? One who has inspired you to read more, live differently, become a writer, or simply given you a few hours of much needed escape? Take a few moments and tell the world, or leave a comment here if you’d like. You can see what writers influenced me over on the About Jody Sparks page. Sara from Novel Novice has more about the week, including this awesome thumbnail you can use to mark your participation.