About Jody

Contact: jody.mugele(at)gmail.com

Timeline of my Adventures (thus far)

Born and raised in: Indianapolis, IN
Discovered love of writing in: Ninth grade English class when I was the only one excited about the 5-paragraph essay.
Went to college in: The hills of East Tennessee
Majored in: Humanities
In college, I wrote: Some love drivel I thought was poetry, a short story, and a really terrible play that I only let two people read (thank goodness).
In May of 1997: I graduated college, got married, moved to Northern California and became pregnant. It was a busy month. I did no writing except my wedding vows, which are pretty important.
In Winter 2003: I earned an Education degree and decided I’d rather be the one reading and writing instead of teaching. I began really focusing on learning about the writing industry and practicing the craft. I also moved to Michigan.
In 2009: Had my first novel signed with a literary agent, which ultimately did not sell.
In June of 2010: I moved to back to Indianapolis.
In July of 2010: Started our critique group, now known as the YA Cannibals.
In Spring of 2011: Became a Search Media Editor with Slingshot SEO and eventually co-managed the Creative Department.
In November of 2012: Underwent brain surgery for a nerve disorder in my face.
In March of 2013: had my second novel signed with a different literary agent.
In March of 2014: I quit my day job to focus on my fiction.
In May of 2016: I joined the board of my local PFLAG chapter.

Some Trivia About Me

  • I love writing with Paper Mate pens – blue. I press hard enough to feel the indentation on the other side of the paper.
  • I doodle with Paper Mate flair pens. I should probably buy stock in that company.
  • I am afraid of slugs and worms, even though they can’t bite or scratch, and I can outrun them.
  • I cry at the ballet. Every time.
  • I remember very little about books I read. They wash over me and then fade away, mostly.
  • If I could go out to eat for every meal, I would.
  • In high school, I considered a career in the military, but went to college instead.
  • My favorite movie is The Goonies.
  • Mint Chocolate M&Ms are so good that I often find myself clapping with happiness when I eat them.
  • I have a dog named after Raymond Chandler’s most popular character.
  • I met my husband during a college production of Romeo And Juliet. I was the costume mistress and he was Guard #2, but the first time I ever saw him, he was streaking the drive-in movie.
  • Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle made me love reading.
  • Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl made me want to write YA literature.
  • The most important things I’ve learned about writing have come from reading other books and doing research on the Internet.
  • I’ve never taken a writing class.
  • My critique group, the YA Cannibals, is my church.


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