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Dear Facebook, It was my idea first. Actually, that’s probably not true. But if you’re over on Facebook, you’ve noticed that last week was Doppelganger week, in which you put a famous person who is your likeness, as your profile pic. As it turns out, Josh Berk chose Mark Ruffalo as his likeness. As it also turns, Kristin (my cohort for this game) and I had also been working on who should play him for my movie. Mostly because of the Mr. T commentary from the last time we played this game. But also because I thought it might be a fun way to mention that his BOOK, The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, is coming out on February 9. Go buy it. Now. Then come back.

The thing Kristin and I decided was that Berk is a chameleon! Some days he looks kinda Asian. Some days he looks Amish. Some days he looks Librarian. I don’t know what that means. Basically, we couldn’t decide, so we’re opening it up for voting. Here are the many faces of Berk:

1. Josh Berk Librarian, played by Adam Sandler or Robert Downey Jr.

2. Josh Berk FancyPants Writer, played by Jake Gyllenhaal

3. Josh Berk College Guy, played by Patrick Dempsey

4. Asian Berk, played by Jackie Chan

5. Josh Berk The High  School Years, played by MC Hammer

6. Amish Josh Berk, played by this guy.

7. I Wish I Were Mark Ruffalo Josh Berk, played by Mark Ruffalo