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The voting has concluded. The ballots are in.  And the winner is…

…Adam Sandler. It’s a good thing Kristin and I didn’t go alone on this because um, did you notice I was the only one to vote for Jake and she was the only one to vote for Patrick Dempsey? Yeah. So, I’m glad Sandler’s going to be in my movie.  I’ve never actually met Josh Berk, but he’s not just funnyfunnyfunny all the time  you know. He’s nice, and generous with writery advice. I found him while I was wooing Ted and he answered my many questions and is there such a thing as a cyber-noogie? He kinda does that. Very cool to have him for example on how to be an author. And I think Adam Sandler can totally portray hilarious and sweet.

Also, I heard that he’s willing to stop by some Sunday a do a little self-deprecation. Oh yeah. That is going to be awesome! Don’t forget his book, The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, comes out on February 9. Have you ordered it yet?