Ebola–Close to Home

Here’s the thing: my husband could’ve been Kent Brantly. He stood in JFK Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia while their first Ebola patient came in. My perspective as a wife was first to be angry and irrational–why did you go back to Liberia? Holy shit. Get out of there now. Et cetera. He did get outContinue reading “Ebola–Close to Home”

Fourteen Years

So today marks fourteen years of marriage for Josh and me. That seems like sooooo many years. I guess it is. Josh asked me what year was the best so far. It’s a little like asking which season is the best when you live on the California coast. They’re all good. Sure there was theContinue reading “Fourteen Years”

One Of My Favorite Moments of Marriage

I haven’t blogged about family recently, and I truly think my best posts are the family stories. This one is about Josh and me, last year. I believe he had just matched for his medical residency and our time was winding down in Michigan. We were out at the pub with Lisa and Evan, ourContinue reading “One Of My Favorite Moments of Marriage”

Guest Blogger: Josh Mugele (The husband), on Books

Jody asked me to write a post as a guest blogger for her blog this morning because she’s feeling down having to think about the prospect of moving and looking for a new job but still likes seeing people visit her blog.  Apparently the uptick on her traffic meter makes her happy. I asked herContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Josh Mugele (The husband), on Books”

Residency Update

Josh has now received two invites for residency interviews. 1. Lexington Kentucky 2. Ann Arbor Michigan It’s still quite early in the process and some (most?) programs don’t begin invites until after November 1. So, this is a good start it seems to me. Also, I’m still taking suggestions for nicknames to bestow on theContinue reading “Residency Update”

Who Would Play You In a Movie?

My family has this ongoing game of trying to decide who would play particular family members if there was a movie about our life. Which, of course there will be some day.  Josh has always been a little tricky to cast. Well, I’m very excited because I think I’ve found the guy!  John Kasinski! CheckContinue reading “Who Would Play You In a Movie?”