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I haven’t blogged about family recently, and I truly think my best posts are the family stories. This one is about Josh and me, last year. I believe he had just matched for his medical residency and our time was winding down in Michigan. We were out at the pub with Lisa and Evan, our best “couple friends” who had just married fairly recently. The way Evan was still googly-eyed over Lisa was adorable as hell, and admittedly I was a little jealous.

Our dinner had nearly come to a finish, and Josh had escaped to the bathroom when the waitress approached and asked us if we’d like dessert. Lisa and Evan passed. I was pretty sure Josh would want something, so I asked her about the chocolate cake on the menu. “It’s Amazing!” She explained.

Well, of course it was, I thought. “I know,” I said, “But can you describe it? Is it a really dense cake? Because Josh likes his chocolate cake fluffy and light.”

She hedged. “Mmm, I’m not sure. It’s rich, I guess, but it’s sooooooo good. He won’t be disappointed.”

I looked at Lisa and Evan while they simply looked back at me. Then I told the waitress we’d wait for Josh to return.

When Josh returned, so did our waitress. She said, “Your wife wasn’t sure whether to order dessert for you, or not.”

He consulted his menu. “What’s the chocolate cake like?”

“It’s soooooo good,” she said. “Everyone loves it!”

Josh said, “Yeah, but can you describe it? I don’t like my chocolate cake to be super dense. Is it dense, or is it more fluffy?”

We all just cracked up. Even the waitress. Poor Josh. He was like, “Uh, what?”

The waitress said, “That’s exactly what your wife asked me!”

When it was all over, Josh passed on the cake. But I’d like to think that Lisa and Evan were just the tiniest bit jealous of Josh and I in that moment.