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I haven’t played this game in a while. I’ve cast Josh and his other siblings: Kari and Heidi.  I better complete this portion of the casting. For Josh’s older Brother, Erik, I’m casting Jeff Daniels. There’s a softness in his temperament that resembles Erik’s. And I like how Jeff Daniels plays kindness with a bit of quirkiness.

Fun Fact: Jeff Daniels grew up in Chelsea, Michigan, where I currently live. Still does, sort of sometimes I think. Raised his kids here and whatnot. (Married his high school sweetheart so I’ve heard. You can tell I’m VERY informed.) When I was new in town, I had an entire conversation with his (exquisite) wife at the local market about soup and how to treat a burn. I was wearing my pajama top and no bra. Then Jeff held the door open for me on my way out. Only then did I realize who I was talking to. It’s not that interesting of a story, but it’s my brush with stardom. And I’m easily starstruck. Also this incident sparked an idea for a novel that’s been brewing over the years (which I promise will be a WAY more interesting story). That always happens at the weirdest moments. But anyhoo, here is a side-by-side of Erik and Jeff: