The Dog who Loves Selfies

Magnolia has adopted Instagram as her preferred social media platform, and I’m committed to not getting my parental funk all over the site by joining it. She didn’t specifically ask me not to, but it’s an easy enough gesture. So, I’m sharing a few of the selfies she took with Eleanor and the dogs.¬†Because theyContinue reading “The Dog who Loves Selfies”

Jody Sparks Alphabet Z

Here it is: My alphabet conclusion. And because Erin started this meme, I’m ending it the way she did! Z is for Zero. Here is a list of things I’ve done zero times: (Anything with a star means that even though I haven’t done them, I’d like to.)     – Won a game ofContinue reading “Jody Sparks Alphabet Z”

Jody Sparks Alphabet U – Y

Spelling Bee update: We got there thinking there would be one more Bee before Nationals. Wrong. There was only to be one winner, and that kiddo went to Nationals. So, there was an additional amount of pressure. Eleanor made through two rounds, and went out on the third round with ROTUNDA, which she spelled Rhotunda.Continue reading “Jody Sparks Alphabet U – Y”

Jody Sparks Alphabet P – T

Day four of the alphabet game. And speaking of letters, Eleanor has correctly spelled all fourteen lists worth of study words. Now we review. Tomorrow is the day, folks! Her favorite word is bolshevik. Mine is schnecke. And gesundheit.¬† And tchotchke. Anyhoo — P is for Precious. I think you can only pull off usingContinue reading “Jody Sparks Alphabet P – T”

The Jody Sparks Alphabet

Challenge accepted!! The lovely Erin McCahan, over at Beach Notes is taking the week to post a personal alphabet in which she gives us snippets of her life and personality, letter by letter. She was basically like, “You do it, too. Or I’ll fill your locker full of Rice Krispies and ask your crush toContinue reading “The Jody Sparks Alphabet”

Of Grinches and Pink Christmases

Upon moving into our house and seeing the wonder that was a vaulted ceiling, Magnolia said, “Wow, we can get a really BIG Christmas tree!” So of course I’ve been not-so-secretly looking forward to seeing her little face light up when we picked out a big one. Maggie Pie has a special relationship with ChristmasContinue reading “Of Grinches and Pink Christmases”

This Archaic Practice of Banning Books

People, we live in the Internet age and there’s a world of information (much of it, shitty, or useless) to start banning there, yet when I Google “Do people try to ban websites,” I get a high percentage of posts regarding how to block people from your own websites. I suppose there are just tooContinue reading “This Archaic Practice of Banning Books”

What’s Your Favorite Letter?

This is barely worthy of a blog post. I’m just saying that up front. I’m not even sure how I ended up thinking about this last night. It was one of those falling asleep things where you know what you’re thinking is going to be the best blog post ever, but then in the morningContinue reading “What’s Your Favorite Letter?”

Weird Things From Work

This sign is not at my work. But there is some weirdness there. There’s weirdness everywhere. The weirdness at my work is in the magic stuff of the Interwebs. Pretty much I’m on the Internet at my job all day. It kind of rules. In fact, I’m getting to know Google so well, I knowContinue reading “Weird Things From Work”

Looking Back

I wanted to take a look back over this first year I’ve been blogging and pick out some highlight posts. I hope it’s interesting to you, and not just me. This will probably read like a Christmas newsletter. If you like that sort of thing, come visit every August 20th or so. We don’t sendContinue reading “Looking Back”