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Challenge accepted!!

The lovely Erin McCahan, over at Beach Notes is taking the week to post a personal alphabet in which she gives us snippets of her life and personality, letter by letter. She was basically like, “You do it, too. Or I’ll fill your locker full of Rice Krispies and ask your crush to go to Prom with me.” So, what’s a girl to do?

Also, I like Internet and blog memes. You guys should join in! Today’s letters are A through E.

A is for Amy. My sister taught the meaning of best friendship when we were kids. I think that’s rare. I wish it wasn’t. What I know about loving people–it’s mostly because she showed me.

B is for books. Young Adult Books. Big surprise. I love them. You all know this. I’m going to write  a blog post pretty soon about the one I’m reading now, Flash Burnout. I’ve never been so emotionally involved with a book. The way I feel about it is possibly abnormal. Prepare for an effusive post.*

C is for Ca-ca. Which is how I feel about this letter. It’s my least favorite. Especially in Scrabble. There are no two-letter words that you can make with a C. V is the same way, but I forgive V because it’s fun to make the V sound. It tickles. Vvvvvvvvvv.

D is for dog. Mine is snuggly and grunty and wonderful. Tonight Magnolia said, “he smells like tuna, butt, and barf.” Hearing that sentence come out of her mouth makes owning a dog awesome!

E is for Eleanor. She loves spelling words, loving animals; and she is brave. She loves her sister like my sister loves me.

*While drafting this post, I learned that the author, LK Madigan, passed away. I’m really sad.