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Upon moving into our house and seeing the wonder that was a vaulted ceiling, Magnolia said, “Wow, we can get a really BIG Christmas tree!” So of course I’ve been not-so-secretly looking forward to seeing her little face light up when we picked out a big one. Maggie Pie has a special relationship with Christmas since her birthday is the 28th. When she was littler, she was convinced that all the lights on houses were people celebrating her birthday. For her, LOTS of good cheer arrives during the Holiday season.

So, this year we bought the biggest tree we could. It stands 10 ft. Josh knew as he was paying for it that it was going to be obnoxious to deal with and look like we were, um…compensating. But the Christmas spirit kissed his ass, and he bought it. It only took one trip to Lowes to buy a few things to steady our tree stand, which couldn’t support our jolly green giant. And a little over an hour later, the tree was up.

That’s when I realized we couldn’t find the ornaments. Or lights. Or stockings. Or advent calender. Or any other Christmas malarkey. Those last couple of boxes I never unpacked? They did not contain Christmas. It was baffling, and truly very grinchy. So, Maggie Pie and I went to Big Lots to save Christmas. In true Maggie style, we carefully decided on a theme of Pink and White, with red poinsettias. We even bought pink, white, and silver wrapping paper. It’s all very flashy, beautiful, and bright. In fact, I have this weird urge to sing O Birthday Tree.