The Dog who Loves Selfies

Magnolia has adopted Instagram as her preferred social media platform, and I’m committed to not getting my parental funk all over the site by joining it. She didn’t specifically ask me not to, but it’s an easy enough gesture. So, I’m sharing a few of the selfies she took with Eleanor and the dogs. Because theyContinue reading “The Dog who Loves Selfies”

Of Grinches and Pink Christmases

Upon moving into our house and seeing the wonder that was a vaulted ceiling, Magnolia said, “Wow, we can get a really BIG Christmas tree!” So of course I’ve been not-so-secretly looking forward to seeing her little face light up when we picked out a big one. Maggie Pie has a special relationship with ChristmasContinue reading “Of Grinches and Pink Christmases”

Girls and Their Shoes

I’m the kind of parent that lets my kids dye their hair blue, watch R-rated movies, and walk to the library by themselves. Sometimes I think I’m just naturally a liberal parent and sometimes I think I’ve needed to become one because the children have signaled that’s what they need. Okay truth: Eleanor has signaledContinue reading “Girls and Their Shoes”

Another Tradition Continues

Sometimes family traditions are born out of moments which are not fond memories. Tonight we partake in a tradition created during a time that was pretty dark; but this is not a hopeless blog post. The 11-year-old tradition itself is actually a delicious one for our family: we are eating chocolate cake for dinner! TonightContinue reading “Another Tradition Continues”

I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net

Eleanor, my 11-year-old, has recently been coming into the office and looking at my book shelf and exclaiming, “I didn’t know you had this book!” And then she takes it and is gone for the day. And she is satisfied. This makes me want to have more children. Josh jokes that Eleanor and I areContinue reading “I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net”