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Day four of the alphabet game. And speaking of letters, Eleanor has correctly spelled all fourteen lists worth of study words. Now we review. Tomorrow is the day, folks! Her favorite word is bolshevik. Mine is schnecke. And gesundheit.  And tchotchke. Anyhoo —

P is for Precious. I think you can only pull off using this word if you have kiddos. And this one certainly applies to Magnolia. Looking back, she should have been M, but P definitely works. As you may know, P is my favorite letter. I once wrote a whole post about it. (This is my challenge to Erin: Write a post about your favorite letter, or least favorite. You can TOTALLY have a favorite.) And sweet Magnolia should definitely be in my favorite letter spot. She is practically perfect. In fact, I think I just told someone the other day, it’s possible she’ll grow up to be Mary Poppins. Her goodness is so pure.

Q is for Qi, which is a legal Scrabble word. So is qat, qaid, qadis, and suq. And that is super Qool!

R is for Rats. They make good pets. Don’t rule them out. They enjoy being handled and never bite. One might end up in your bed in the middle of the night because it’s so smart that it got out of its cage, but at least it found you to let you know that it was out. Plus, Josh is there to remind you that its a pet. NOT vermin.

S is for Suffering. Can’t have Love without it. See letter L. It’s also for Stargirl, my favorite book.

T is for Talking. Sometimes I ask people questions that I could easily Google. I mean, I literally sit with Google for about 10 hours a day. But I need people. I need talking. We’re in this thing together! So, go ahead and tell me to Google it. I just wanted to hear your voice.