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This sign is not at my work. But there is some weirdness there. There’s weirdness everywhere. The weirdness at my work is in the magic stuff of the Interwebs. Pretty much I’m on the Internet at my job all day. It kind of rules. In fact, I’m getting to know Google so well, I know where her wrinkles, and tickle spots, and pock marks are. You didn’t even know Google is a girl, did you?

So, I thought I would share some of the corners (these are all forums) of the Internet that I’ve discovered so far. I can’t wait to check my stats and see which of the following links get clicked the most–or wait, should I make it a mystery so you don’t know where you are going??? Oh, the choices. I think I want to know how pervy my readers are:

Go here if you like fur.

Try this for the generally weird (cannibalism included).

This site is for the squirrely.

Are you a bitter waitress? Click here.

Can’t leave Weird Al off this list. Enter.

And finally, go here if you’re a foot sniffer.

You’re welcome.