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Here it is: My alphabet conclusion. And because Erin started this meme, I’m ending it the way she did!

Z is for Zero. Here is a list of things I’ve done zero times: (Anything with a star means that even though I haven’t done them, I’d like to.)



– Won a game of Chess.

– Finished the Twilight series.

– Read Pride and Prejudice.*

– Been in a fist fight.

– Been to New York.*

– Been to another continent.*

– Eaten at Hooters.

– Kissed a girl.

– Had a My Space account.

– Met a president.*

– Published a young adult novel.*

– Owned a cat.

– Ridden a unicycle.

– Had a son.

– Been in an ambulance.

– Gone skydiving.

– Attempted to get on a reality TV show.

– Hailed a cab.*