A Visitor Among Residents

I feel thoughtful and a little reactionary, which probably means this post will come off as self-indulgent and uninteresting. I blame HR. Just kidding, Tracy. Sort of. When I hired in, there was no HR department. The company I work for is growing rapidly; we recently hired eight more people for the department in whichContinue reading “A Visitor Among Residents”

If My Life Were A Book Cover (3)

I love orange. Sometimes it’s my favorite color. Something about it signals the bright part of change. And for me, change is once again in the air. My literary agent and I have decided to part ways. Perhaps I was a naive young writer to believe that we would be together forever. And the businessContinue reading “If My Life Were A Book Cover (3)”

Friday Mornings

To be honest, five weeks ago I was near-terrified of taking the job I now have. The people I met there were smart, kind, funny, and relaxed, so it was clearly an insecurity thing on my part. Somehow I’d been offered a seat at the cool kids lunch table, and I couldn’t imagine really belonging.Continue reading “Friday Mornings”

Looking Back

I wanted to take a look back over this first year I’ve been blogging and pick out some highlight posts. I hope it’s interesting to you, and not just me. This will probably read like a Christmas newsletter. If you like that sort of thing, come visit every August 20th or so. We don’t sendContinue reading “Looking Back”

100th Post

If you’re not from Michigan, you may not know that we all talk with our hands. See how the hand is the shape of the state? That little house is where Ann Arbor is. That star is where Lansing, the Capitol, lies. I’m going to miss that part of being a Michigander. (Or, more accurately,Continue reading “100th Post”

The Season of Maybes

This photo is how I’ve been feeling lately. (Notice how you can’t really identify any thing except the mark of a major food chain, which is appropriate in its way.) I also feel like I’ve been holding up an enormous mirror up and seeing that girl, too. Kinda meh. Kind of too big an emphasisContinue reading “The Season of Maybes”