Who Would Play You In a Movie?

My family has this ongoing game of trying to decide who would play particular family members if there was a movie about our life. Which, of course there will be some day.  Josh has always been a little tricky to cast. Well, I’m very excited because I think I’ve found the guy!  John Kasinski! CheckContinue reading “Who Would Play You In a Movie?”

I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net

Eleanor, my 11-year-old, has recently been coming into the office and looking at my book shelf and exclaiming, “I didn’t know you had this book!” And then she takes it and is gone for the day. And she is satisfied. This makes me want to have more children. Josh jokes that Eleanor and I areContinue reading “I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net”

A Few Things About my Sister

Our family has this sort of odd legacy of sisters being best friends. My mom and her only sibling, her sister, were best friends. Then Amy and I grew up as best friends. Now my two girls are following suit. I’m really not sure how it started with my mom and her sister and I’mContinue reading “A Few Things About my Sister”

The First Day of School

I’ll be honest: I wait all summer for the first day of school. Trying to juggle working full time, a (hopeful) writing career, and a husband in Medical School is no picnic. The routine of the school year makes it all slightly more manageable. And I do mean only slightly, but beggars can’t be choosersContinue reading “The First Day of School”

YA Book Covers: Fun Fakery

I saw this new meme over on YA author Anna Jarzab‘s site, which she found over on 100 Scope Notes (both great sites). You make a YA book cover for yourself with a fake book and fake title. You see, it’s fake. Just want to be clear on that. Here are the instructions if youContinue reading “YA Book Covers: Fun Fakery”

Future Schmuture

Holy shit, it’s finally happened. Josh applied to Residency programs. If you are a follower of his blog, then you’ve seen this list. It is the final list. One of these bulleted points is my family’s future.  We don’t get to pick. Not really. Isn’t that INSANE? Seriously, there will be some interviews, possibly someContinue reading “Future Schmuture”

Chuck Taylors: A Tradition Continues

School Shopping with the girls–they dig it!  Me, not so much. But today…oh, today was a good shopping day. As we passed the Chuck Taylor display at Kohl’s, my kiddos squealed in delight and asked if they could try them on. Truth be told, I got a little misty. Those who knew me in highContinue reading “Chuck Taylors: A Tradition Continues”

The Inaugural Post

I actually don’t know where to start. I’ve drafted this post like four times. What a dork. Is it weird that I feel like the first one has to be grand and memorable?  It’s not like the start of a novel; hardly anyone will read this beginning. (Please, dear God of the publishing world justContinue reading “The Inaugural Post”