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I’ll be honest: I wait all summer for the first day of school. Trying to juggle working full time, a (hopeful) writing career, and a husband in Medical School is no picnic. The routine of the school year makes it all slightly more manageable. And I do mean only slightly, but beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Take today for instance: Josh leaves for his Anesthesiology rotation at 5:30 a.m. which means it’s up to me to make sure the girls know their routine for school and get over $100 of school supplies packed (really?) while finishing the laundry I’d put Josh in charge of while I was at the lakehouse squeezing out my day off as long as humanly possible. There were dishes to be done, as well. The trash needed to be taken out–in the rain. Eleanor checks for toads under the handle because she loves me. Of course there was something unidentifiably sticky at the bottom of the trash bin along with three wads of gum and the shampoo bottles that never make it into the recycling. Where did my deoderant go? I must have mixed it up with Eleanor’s during the trip, so I borrow Josh’s because I have to get myself ready for work. I skip the shower and don’t bother with my hair because it will get ruined in the rain while I walk the kids to the bus stop. I bid a tearful goodbye as Magnolia catches the bus for the first time–her black converse sneakers thumping against the huge steps as she climbs in and her tiny smile as she waves to me from inside.  Just before we hugged goodbye she said, “I hope you get a promotion at work.” I have no idea where that came from, but she seems all grown up now. I run home to get ready for work while the little girl across the street, neighborhood informant–nothing escapes her attention–informs me that Phillip Marlowe, the beagle, is whining and doesn’t like to be left outside in the rain.  I let him in, get ready for work, sit down to do half an hour of revisions for my agent, but do this blog post instead.

This is good start. Seriously.