Self-Deprecating Sunday (6)

In which the YA author showcases her teenage years in all their awkward glory. If you thought I brought something special to the Eighties, this photo treats of what I brought to the Nineties. This was my freshman year of college, I think. I’d cut my long hair, dyed it black, found a poet’s blouse,Continue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (6)”

A Few Things About my Sister

Our family has this sort of odd legacy of sisters being best friends. My mom and her only sibling, her sister, were best friends. Then Amy and I grew up as best friends. Now my two girls are following suit. I’m really not sure how it started with my mom and her sister and I’mContinue reading “A Few Things About my Sister”

Chuck Taylors: A Tradition Continues

School Shopping with the girls–they dig it!  Me, not so much. But today…oh, today was a good shopping day. As we passed the Chuck Taylor display at Kohl’s, my kiddos squealed in delight and asked if they could try them on. Truth be told, I got a little misty. Those who knew me in highContinue reading “Chuck Taylors: A Tradition Continues”