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In which the YA author showcases her teenage years in all their awkward glory. If you thought I brought something special to the Eighties, this photo treats of what I brought to the Nineties.

This was my freshman year of college, I think. I’d cut my long hair, dyed it black, found a poet’s blouse, and was clearly on my way to leading the Goth movement, but still couldn’t part with my bizarro Mickey Mouse obsession. *shakes head* Believe it or not, I got dates. Clearly, this proves that confidence trumps fashion sense in the world of dating.

With me in this photo is my sister.  She clearly had more refined style, her choker (hey, it was 1994)  looks pretty and subdued, and if she had her straw hat on, she’d be quite the southern belle. (We were in college together in Tennessee. Perhaps this makes her outfit more acceptable?) Does this kind of remind anyone besides me of The Country Mouse And The City Mouse? And still people would ask if we were twins. What do you all think; do we look alike?