35 Today is my birthday! (Self-depecating Sunday will return next week.) I had a wonderful day that started with me eating birthday cake for breakfast. I’m talking HOLY HEAVEN ON EARTH chocolate cake. Now, I know chocolate cake is hard to screw up, but I also know that it’s one of those things that LOTS of people think they’re great at. So, it’s hard to blog about chocolate for breakfast and convince you that it was the most amazing cake in the world. But I’m telling you–it was. My husband truly does make the world’s most amazing chocolate cake. To be specific, it’s a chocolate chiffon cake. I had no idea about this perk when I married him–one of the nice surprises of marrying Josh. Seriously, you think you make amazing chocolate cake, but you don’t. Not like Josh.

I’m the kind of girl that likes (presents and) making a hoopla over my birthday and right now I’m loving my thirties. I wish I could stay in them a reeeeeeeally long time. My twenties were hard on me. See this post. And yesterday’s post. I had kids in my early twenties. I didn’t mean to. Sometimes I just fling myself at life. Sometimes I get flung. But no matter when you have kids, ready or not, I think it’s hard. Oh sweet Universe is it hard!

And then one day you get a birthday card like this.

sorry card frontAnd then you open the present and find some delicious and expensive coffee. Which is perfect for the chocolate cake you’re going to have for breakfast. It makes you wonder why there’s a sad balloon on the card. After a thank you hug, you read the inside of the card. (read each side separately.)

sorry card open

You start up with some more hugging and Eleanor reveals the “cool” present was a book that you’d really been wanting. She looks so sad thatĀ  the “special” she wanted you to feel about receiving that book won’t happen, but she’s wrong because you have never felt so loved and special in all your life.