Looking Back

I wanted to take a look back over this first year I’ve been blogging and pick out some highlight posts. I hope it’s interesting to you, and not just me. This will probably read like a Christmas newsletter. If you like that sort of thing, come visit every August 20th or so. We don’t sendContinue reading “Looking Back”

The Best Meal I Ever Had

I’ve only been out of the country twice, and I’m not including Canada. Both times I traveled, I went to Mexico. Most recently (2006), I went to Oaxaca and Hautulco. Josh lived in Oaxaca as a young boy, and it was a fabulous trip for the family to see a bit of his boyhood. LetContinue reading “The Best Meal I Ever Had”

This Used To Be My Playground

Last week when the kids were away, I had one of those flashbulb memories as I was relearning how Marsh organizes their groceries on the aisles. I still think like I’m in Polly’s Country Market. But, as I passed an island of baked goods in the produce area, I spotted something altogether heart-warming: Roslyn’s BakeryContinue reading “This Used To Be My Playground”

There’s More Than Corn in Indiana

Transitions can be unpredictable. But the process is kind of predictable, I guess. It’s like the sadness needs to come out of me in order to make way for the new fun stuff, and the WTF stuff of moving into a new house.  Let’s take it in fives. Sadness: I cried five times while moving.Continue reading “There’s More Than Corn in Indiana”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (24)

In which the YA author showcases the great and awkward of being a teenager. We just took the kids to their first professional baseball game last night. The Tigers played the Oakland A’s. I’d gone to an A’s game when we lived in California. I’ve seen a Cubs game, too, but that’s the extent ofContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (24)”

Goonies Never Say Die

I’m pretty sure the Goonies shirt I just bought (Target, $5) is making me run faster. Or Indiana streets are flatter than Michigan streets. Whatever. I am a big Goonies fan. (Somewhere in the blogosphere Michael Stearns is cringing. Bless his heart.) I can’t help it. The movie has it all: teenagers, adventure, treasure, aContinue reading “Goonies Never Say Die”