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Okay, so Cleuts didn’t work out so well. He was loving (to me and Maggie) and lazy, but what I really wanted was a buddy for Phillip Marlowe, and that was NOT happening. I’m sure I should have known better and all of that, but on first visit they really liked one another. It’s like dating, I suppose. You just never know.

So, in order to soothe Magnolia, I ended up sleeping in her bed. I slept really well actually, and I think she did too. Of course there were tears, but it’s moments like this that make me proud of my kids for being strong of heart and recognizing that we are a family. Even though Cletus was perfect for Maggie and me, he wasn’t right for Eleanor and Josh and Phillip Marlowe. I have a special place in my heart for bravery and sacrifice, I suppose. And I love it when I see it in my kids. So, the house has gone back to being a much more peaceful place. I think Cletus’s new home will be just right.

And this is just in time for me to get the kids started in their new schools, and start my new job.

I started this blog nearly a year ago now with the theme of beginnings. I always nod my head a little when I think about all the starting-overs that this little family has endured. We can’t seem to help it. And even though it’s hard, I rather like it that way.