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Every day is different. That is a fact. The first thing they said was, “There’s no manual for this job.” I’m not a person that needs her ducks in a row, though. And, I like that I don’t know what’s coming. Thankfully this week the scale has balanced the sad and wacky. (At least, so far.)

Here are a few things I did yesterday at work:

1. Convince a resident that my co-worker (of Puerto-Rican descent and born in the Bronx) was not Amish.
2. Convince same resident that Red Robin did not serve Amish food.
3. Comfort a resident in tears, who wanted to spend more of her day with her daughter.
4. Tell the firemen/EMT’s which room to attend to.
5. Help a resident figure out how to access his E-harmony account.
6. Talk about the price of gas in the 1950’s. (Did you know they used to give incentives out to attract return customers? Like dishes and toasters.)
7. Watch someone explain to a resident that she’s been married for about 40 years.
8. Receive a compliment from my favorite resident.
9. Wonder which resident was most like my future self. (I blame you, Teffeny. Putting ideas in my head!)
10. Eat a cookie for lunch.

How was your day?