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I’m pretty sure the Goonies shirt I just bought (Target, $5) is making me run faster. Or Indiana streets are flatter than Michigan streets. Whatever. I am a big Goonies fan. (Somewhere in the blogosphere Michael Stearns is cringing. Bless his heart.) I can’t help it. The movie has it all: teenagers, adventure, treasure, a bit of smooching, a bit cursing, a malformed giant with a superhero fixation. And in the end, the underdogs win! This is a lot like my life. (Minus the giant)

Do we all see ourselves as the underdog? I definitely see myself that way. Many of you know, I’m on the interview trail right now. As well as trying to become a YA author. That’s A LOT of rejection to deal with. There are many things I’d love to blog about that have happened in interviews that I just can’t because, well, I want a job and need to keep some things private. But, I can tell you this: the randomness of  trying get a book deal and trying to get a day job are eerily similar. Yesterday I interviewed for a job right before a girl who is fresh out of college. Our life stories, experiences, educations were wildly different. How were we interviewing for the same job? Today I have a group interview – alongside other candidates – for a different position. Who has ever heard of that? Sometimes in interviews, people want to know a lot about my personality. Sometimes they ask questions I’m sure they’ve downloaded from some interview article quickly retrieved from the Internet. However the interview is done, it always seems like the specific reason to hire or not to hire is very personal – just based on a few people’s tastes. And the same seems true in publishing. The reason to take on a book is personal, based on probably many things, but each “thing” (I’m guessing) is differently weighted. So where am I going with all of this?

I’m a research person. I like to study the problem and follow the steps to a rational, if not logical, solution. But there’s not a very solid approach one can take to finding a job or a book deal. As Josh says, I can only really keep on throwing myself out there and hoping I stick somewhere. I keep trying to study the situations, find where my resume or cover letter or interview, or plot or character or writing style is not working, because if it’s not working, I want to improve it. This is stupid. It does not apply to getting a job or a book deal. It’s kind of a weird thing to have to sit back and trust what I’ve got – what’s already there. And just keep throwing it out there over and over and over. But that’s what I’ll do. I really think that in the end, I’m going to win at both getting a job and a book deal. But, it’s no picnic trying to deal with the Fratelli’s of the world while I get there, so pardon my complaining along the way.