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So then, just like that (*snaps*), I get a job. Of course I just blogged about the difficulty of the thing. It’s like looking for the TV remote control for five minutes and then as soon as you ask if anyone’s seen it, you’re staring at it.

I am 100% excited about this new path in my life. It took me a long time to find a job in Ann Arbor where I was respected, felt comfortable, and liked the work. Since day one  at my current Michigan job, I’ve appreciated working with creative, kind, intelligent, hard-working women. Leaving the job is going to be hard because of it. I’ve never had a job before that I was sad to leave behind. It made interviewing even more difficult. My motivations weren’t that of someone whose boss is mistreating her. I had high expectations for finding a place where the people have similar values to the ladies I currently work with. And I think I found it. (I was beginning to fear that I wouldn’t. I know what I have is rare.) There’s an honesty and comfortableness at the new gig, maybe because it’s not simply a business, but a home. There’s even a dog. And a cat.

And scrabble.

It’s fancy-pants, though, too. It’s so swanky, I’m not called a receptionist. I’m a concierge. I’m probably going to need some new clothes. (what a pity.) But mostly what I’m excited about is the kindness. That’s what I want to be a part of.