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I took down my pictures of my girls at my work station. I’ve had the same photos going from office to office with me for years. I LOVE these photos of the girls because they PERFECTLY reflect their individual attitudes about life.

Here’s Eleanor, Age 4

Here’s Maggie Pie, Age not-quite 2

Here’s Magnolia now (9):

Here’s Ella now (12):

Here they are together:

Does it look like Maggie’s hair is pink? That’s because it is. We’re talking Frenchy from Grease in the most literal of ways. It rules. As does Eleanor deep red do.

It’s so typical, but I’ll say it anyway because it’s true: It’s hard to believe how much time has passed. You think the baby years will never end. Taking down those pictures at work isn’t just a marker of how much time has passed for me at my job, but how much time has passed for my girls. I’ll still take those photos with me to my next job.

So, Farewell to my Michigan job. I’ll miss you.  Thank you for letting me be me and showing me that friendship can come in the form of tremendous bosses. It’s been a helluva experience being around creative, intelligent, and kind-hearted women. Best wishes to you all. The times they are a changing.