How To Rescue Baby Ducks

It started with something like this. I didn’t get a photo of the mama duck so I had to take one from the Internet. (Thanks Internet!) As I approached the entrance to my three-story office building and saw a mama duck who was VERY upset. I looked down into the  “terrace” (what amounts to aContinue reading “How To Rescue Baby Ducks”

The Goodbyes Begin

The moving date is set. June 4th. Of course, if I get a job soon, then I’ll move down ahead of the rest of the family. But having an official date makes me nostalgic. Two Sundays ago I said goodbye to my Ann Arbor critique group. We’ve been working together for I want to sayContinue reading “The Goodbyes Begin”

Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed)

I have a twleve-year-old going through Sex Ed right now at a public school. Also, I like to write books for teens, so for me, the sexual habits of teenagers are as thoroughly fascinating as they are concerning. In books for teens it’s almost unrealistic not to at least mention the subject. What’s interesting toContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed)”

100th Post

If you’re not from Michigan, you may not know that we all talk with our hands. See how the hand is the shape of the state? That little house is where Ann Arbor is. That star is where Lansing, the Capitol, lies. I’m going to miss that part of being a Michigander. (Or, more accurately,Continue reading “100th Post”

Nnick-Knack Paddy-Whack

My sister actually reminded me of this story in the comments of a post a couple weeks ago. I’ll get to it in just a second but I don’t think I’ve blogged about how inspiring it is to have kids. They really do the funniest stuff, and in many ways, Eleanor and Magnolia have inspiredContinue reading “Nnick-Knack Paddy-Whack”