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Dear West End Grill,

Of all the places in Ann Arbor that I’ve been to over the last six years, I’ll miss you the most. I think every time Josh shared a meal here together, we fell in love a little more. From birthdays and anniversaries to the once in a lifetime moments like Med School graduation and signing with a literary agent, West End Grill was the perfect setting.

Maybe it’s the stained glass, candlelight, and warm welcome that made us feel a little more special. Maybe it’s because Maleah knew our names and how we take our coffee that made us feel like we were part of something more than a business. Something comforting and familiar. It certainly helped that the sea-bass was outstanding and the duck risotto was incredible. Whatever it is that kept us coming back, you will always be “our place.” Every couple should have  a place like yours. Thanks for the memories!

Love and happiness,

Jody Sparks Mugele