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Magnolia made it for me.  I think it’s pretty awesome!  Also I got a letter in her best cursive (why are they still teaching cursive?). It highlighted how she liked the time Josh and I threw a surprise party for her and Ella for no reason at all.  It’s weird; I’d forgotten about that. But my favorite line was, “I whant to let you know I will always love you even when I’m 16.” And also – and here’s where I really rev up your jealousy –  I got coupons. Yes! In the next few days, I will spend them on:

1. 35 kisses
2. Baking coffee
3. Turning on the shower
4. 35 hugs (anyone wonder how old I am?)
5. Breakfast in bed
6. Cuddling
7. Hugging you right when you get home (I’m spending that one today)
8. Not following you for a whole day  (this one kind of breaks my heart)

And to finish it all off, she made a portrait of me. I was thinking I could use it as my author photo someday (always hopeful). I totally look like a hipster-coffeehouse-writer-reader-chick. Oh, and I’m in my Detroit Derbygirls sweatshirt. Of course.

Eleanor took me out for breakfast and we talked about what she likes about me. My honesty. She asked what secrets my parents kept from me. There were some, to her surprise. We also decided it was time for her to start shaving her legs. Mother’s Day with Eleanor is really changing. I’ve always said that the older they get, the more enjoyable they are. Still true.