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I always put my jammies in a certain corner of the bathroom floor. I have my coffee upstairs in the morning while I blog. Josh’s feet hang off the end of the bed, which barely fits in our bedroom, so I’ve gotten in the habit of pinching his toes as I walk around the corner. This morning I can’t stop noticing all these things. Now that the festivities are over (that blog post will come later, with photos [thank you, Kari]), our home has that hungover feeling: a messy, quiet, where’s-the-coffee stupor. It feels too big in here without our guests, and the dog is depressed–wandering around in search of Bob and their morning walk. There isn’t a lot left to do now before we move, except pack. Some of our friends from med school have already left. Today, I begin training my replacement at work. Everything is winding down.

And while I love thinking about how to organize the biggest closet we’ve ever had in our future bathroom, and even though I know my jammies will again find a corner on the bathroom floor, I’m really going to miss the little habits and comforts we’ve created here. That’s all.