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It started with something like this. I didn’t get a photo of the mama duck so I had to take one from the Internet. (Thanks Internet!) As I approached the entrance to my three-story office building and saw a mama duck who was VERY upset. I looked down into the  “terrace” (what amounts to a 10-foot deep dry moat kind of thing that wraps around part of the building) and I saw nine baby ducks with no way for the mama to lead them out of the pit toward food, water, and whatever else they require.

I called the Humane Society who transferred me to a water fowl rehab-ber. She said, “You’ll have to go down there put the babies in a box, and then bring them to me.”

“What about the mom,” I asked.

“I doubt you’ll be able to capture her.”

I called Josh to help. He grumbled something about survival of the fittest and what a dumb duck to build a nest in a pit. I said something like, “Don’t make me tell Eleanor on you!” Suddenly Josh had arrived to help. Then another guy who was in his office watching, decided to help, too. That’s me looking down and directing them. Baby ducks are skedaddlers! I had to say things like, “Quick!  It went that way!” I was helpful.

They could only get six of the nine babies.

They’re cute and all, right? But you’re still worried about the other three babies and the mama, aren’t you?  Well, it’s okay because the Humane Society ended up coming out with a net and getting them all!  Including the mama. They were taken to be released somewhere else and live happily ever after. We can only hope that mama duck won’t return to nest in the same place next year!