If My Life Were A Book Cover (3)

I love orange. Sometimes it’s my favorite color. Something about it signals the bright part of change. And for me, change is once again in the air. My literary agent and I have decided to part ways. Perhaps I was a naive young writer to believe that we would be together forever. And the businessContinue reading “If My Life Were A Book Cover (3)”

Writing Young Adult Books: Q and A (1)

On occasion, I receive emails with questions about writing young adult books. It makes me feel a little bit like an expert in my field, which is sort of flattering. And while I don’t have so much as an inkling about the world of publishing, I do know a little bit about the craft ofContinue reading “Writing Young Adult Books: Q and A (1)”

What, This Old Thing?

How much attention do you pay to what your characters wear? I tend to pay it a lot of attention, but I wonder if that’s because writing for teens tends to focus on identity. When a teen character steps out of the bounds of normal for what’s in fashion, it sets up some tension inContinue reading “What, This Old Thing?”

Friday Mornings

To be honest, five weeks ago I was near-terrified of taking the job I now have. The people I met there were smart, kind, funny, and relaxed, so it was clearly an insecurity thing on my part. Somehow I’d been offered a seat at the cool kids lunch table, and I couldn’t imagine really belonging.Continue reading “Friday Mornings”

A Bit About Building Character

So I’ve been reading and writing and constantly comparing where my book draft really is to where it should be going. I’ve got issues with the timing and fictional school calendar in my YA book. I’ve got too much plot and the lens on my characters is nearly all long-shot views. Also, I still haven’tContinue reading “A Bit About Building Character”

Maybe It’s Not an Issue?

I made a big book revision decision. I’d gotten to 55,000 words and changed course. It’ll probably happen again, too. Sometimes I have to get to the climax to realize, hey, I’m not feeling too sorry for these characters. Something isn’t right. I got to thinking that a book about sunken treasure needs some kindContinue reading “Maybe It’s Not an Issue?”

Looking Back

I wanted to take a look back over this first year I’ve been blogging and pick out some highlight posts. I hope it’s interesting to you, and not just me. This will probably read like a Christmas newsletter. If you like that sort of thing, come visit every August 20th or so. We don’t sendContinue reading “Looking Back”

Something About Books and the Color Pink

Maybe I’ll organize my books like this. Mostly it will be pink, though. And black. And blue. Looks kind of cool though, right? I don’t know if it’s that I’m attracted to pink (I am) or if it’s that publishers like to jacket YA books in pink, but if there’s one thing I’ve noticed aboutContinue reading “Something About Books and the Color Pink”

Like When We Were In College

Josh’s schedule is so weird that I don’t even try to figure it out. His sleep pattern is also beyond me. And these two things are kind of fantastic. We went out to lunch yesterday, and we behaved like two people who really missed each other: lots of chatter, some hand-holding, those looks at  oneContinue reading “Like When We Were In College”