Something About Books and the Color Pink

Maybe I’ll organize my books like this. Mostly it will be pink, though. And black. And blue. Looks kind of cool though, right? I don’t know if it’s that I’m attracted to pink (I am) or if it’s that publishers like to jacket YA books in pink, but if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about my books, it’s that my favorite covers are usually pink.

Today I found Half Price Books. Oh, did I. I bought three books that I’d already read. I have a habit of checking out books from the library that I just adore and then wish I’d purchased. So, thank you Half Price Books! I now own a copy of Looking For Alaska, Story of a Girl, and My Heartbeat. I also bought YA authors Rachel Cohn and E. Lockhart — all of those book covers involve the color pink. So how can I go wrong? If nothing else, they’ll look cute in my library. But also, I kind of have high hopes: these are authors I’m slightly ashamed that I’ve missed. So, I’m excited to introduce myself to these acclaimed writers. Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two.

But first I have to finish The Cardturner. Good LORD, that Louis Sachar can write. He does this thing in The Cardturner where he plays with Melville’s Moby Dick, and it really just cracks me up. Plus there’s old people. I’m soft for old folks right now, true, but I’m really loving how he weaves them into this YA book, vibrantly, not like background setting, which I think is typical of YA Literature. Probably I’m going to need to read about three shitty books after that to feel better about my writing. Unfortunately, I reeeeeeeeeeally don’t think the last handfuls of book purchases I’ve made are going to deliver shittiness. (It’s okay; I’ve got the old standbys) And also I have The Book Thief coming up in my queue. That is going to be humbling for sure. I promise I won’t take my insecurity out on my blog.

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Jody Sparks Mugele spent her first career in marketing writing and leading teams of writers and editors. After her son came out as transgender in 2015, she dedicated herself to advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. For two years, she led the Indianapolis regional chapter of PFLAG, a nationally renowned LGBTQ+ advocacy group. She has given many conference talks about parenting trans kids, healthcare in the trans community, and suicidality among LGBTQ+ youth. And with GenderNexus, an Indianapolis-based advocacy organization, she created programming and led support groups to work with parents to help their children through all aspects of gender transition. She recently moved to Northeast Georgia where she is excited to develop opportunities to continue to strongly and proudly advocate for LGBTQ+ members of our society. She also LOVES kitschy Christmas crafting!

One thought on “Something About Books and the Color Pink

  1. Isn’t it great to find good book deals? I wish we had an Half-Price out here.

    I have only one book with a pink cover: “Valley of the Dolls”. Hmmm. I’m not sure if I have any one dominant color, based on looking at the spines on my shelves.

    Think of reading good writing as inspiring, not intimidating 🙂 .

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