A Bit About Building Character

So I’ve been reading and writing and constantly comparing where my book draft really is to where it should be going. I’ve got issues with the timing and fictional school calendar in my YA book. I’ve got too much plot and the lens on my characters is nearly all long-shot views. Also, I still haven’tContinue reading “A Bit About Building Character”

Looking Back

I wanted to take a look back over this first year I’ve been blogging and pick out some highlight posts. I hope it’s interesting to you, and not just me. This will probably read like a Christmas newsletter. If you like that sort of thing, come visit every August 20th or so. We don’t sendContinue reading “Looking Back”

Like When We Were In College

Josh’s schedule is so weird that I don’t even try to figure it out. His sleep pattern is also beyond me. And these two things are kind of fantastic. We went out to lunch yesterday, and we behaved like two people who really missed each other: lots of chatter, some hand-holding, those looks at  oneContinue reading “Like When We Were In College”

Safety, Safety, Safety

I was writing last night and I had about three new pages of material when the power went out. Of course I hadn’t saved it. So I had that going for me. That’s when the cop strolled up the driveway. “Your security alarm was going off.” “Oh, I didn’t think it was activated.” “It is.”Continue reading “Safety, Safety, Safety”

The Best Meal I Ever Had

I’ve only been out of the country twice, and I’m not including Canada. Both times I traveled, I went to Mexico. Most recently (2006), I went to Oaxaca and Hautulco. Josh lived in Oaxaca as a young boy, and it was a fabulous trip for the family to see a bit of his boyhood. LetContinue reading “The Best Meal I Ever Had”

This Used To Be My Playground

Last week when the kids were away, I had one of those flashbulb memories as I was relearning how Marsh organizes their groceries on the aisles. I still think like I’m in Polly’s Country Market. But, as I passed an island of baked goods in the produce area, I spotted something altogether heart-warming: Roslyn’s BakeryContinue reading “This Used To Be My Playground”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (25)

The Father’s Day edition. King’s Island in the mid-nineties. Dad and I took on “The Racer,” front car. Not exactly the park’s scariest roller-coaster, but for me it was a big moment. I came prepared by wearing my sister’s Les Jesus t-shirt. With the big Daddy at my chest and my own dad at myContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (25)”