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Being matched is a good feeling.

I don’t talk about my marriage much on my blog, but I think today I will. I’m not a believer in destiny or “the one I am meant to be with.” I just knew Josh was interesting and I wanted to be around him forever. This is how he proposed: we were driving from my home in Indiana back to college in Tennessee. Josh stopped at the Cumberland Gap. It’s a gorgeous ravine, especially in the Fall. We sat down on the stony ledge, and he took out my grandmother’s ring. He said, “If you don’t marry me, I’ll throw myself off the ledge.” What’s a girl to do?

It’s probably the smartest thing I ever did. When the Odd in life sets in, there is my marriage to hold me still. Finances can go to crap. The kids can get colicky. Jobs can be lost. Creative pursuits may stall or never happen. Friendships will come and go. And yet, there is my marriage.  Uh, don’t get me wrong, we fight. But it’s still a pretty steady beat in an otherwise unpredictable life. We’re not great at planning. Evidence: me getting pregnant on the honeymoon. (I use the term honeymoon loosely.) So, planning out Josh’s Med School path was a pretty big deal. I’m incredibly proud of his hard work, willingness to start over, and perseverance. I’m sure there’s more hardship to come; I hear intern year is no picnic. But for now, I’m hanging on to the swing, closing my eyes in the breeze, and enjoying the satisfaction of Josh’s match day outcome. It feels so great to have tangible results!

I’m also kind of hoping that Josh will make at least one more post to his blog, which he started at the beginning of Med School. It would be a great wrap up. Some great things over there for anyone who may be interested in going to Med School, whether it’s at the University of Michigan, or not. It tracks his journey well into third year and then gets spotty, as he becomes more sleep-deprived and begins preparing for the boards and for interviews.

Congratulations to my baby on matching, and matching incredibly well. I think I just fell in love with you a little more.