It’s possible I have a tiny little hint of a whiff of a speck of whisper of an obsession with a book called Stargirl. It’s just that Jerry Spinelli does everything right in this book. He makes a character so beautiful (and beautifully flawed, though it’s hard to see it when you’re reading the story–atContinue reading “Sparkgirl?”

Author Interview: SPC Michael Anthony

Knowing my interest in military books (especially ones that are about young people), my friend Val, a book reviewer, let me know about this book. Thank you, Val! I quickly bought it, and contacted the author. Even though I’ve talked to a lot of soldiers, I still get a little intimidated. SPC Anthony is, ofContinue reading “Author Interview: SPC Michael Anthony”

Halfway to Seventy

Today is my birthday! (Self-depecating Sunday will return next week.) I had a wonderful day that started with me eating birthday cake for breakfast. I’m talking HOLY HEAVEN ON EARTH chocolate cake. Now, I know chocolate cake is hard to screw up, but I also know that it’s one of those things that LOTS ofContinue reading “Halfway to Seventy”

Badass Authors, Badass Soldiers, and Me

Not it. Not a badass. I wish I were, really. I’m afraid of bats. And mice. And hell, I’ll just confess it: I’m afraid of slugs and worms, too. I don’t know; obviously I can outrun them, but they really frighten me. In fact, at our house there is somehow some unwritten rule that JoshContinue reading “Badass Authors, Badass Soldiers, and Me”

Author Interview: Sara Lewis Holmes

I’m so excited that today I get a chance to interview Sara Lewis Holmes, author of OPERATION YES. When I first heard about this book, I think I actually gasped in excitement. I was thinking, Yay, other people are writing young adult books about the military! And then I saw that it was from ScholasticContinue reading “Author Interview: Sara Lewis Holmes”

Heading North

I’m heading north to my parents lakehouse this weekend for some thinking/writing time. I’m sad to be missing this year’s SCBWI conference. I always have an incredibly inspiring time; and it was a year ago that I met my agent at our SCBWI Michigan fall conference. For all of you attending, have a great time!Continue reading “Heading North”

I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net

Eleanor, my 11-year-old, has recently been coming into the office and looking at my book shelf and exclaiming, “I didn’t know you had this book!” And then she takes it and is gone for the day. And she is satisfied. This makes me want to have more children. Josh jokes that Eleanor and I areContinue reading “I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net”