Where Donna Galanti Interviews Me

Yesterday I did an interview over at Donna Galanti’s blog. We connected during the time I was writing my first YA manuscript, in which a high school girl joins the Navy. One of key pieces in my research was a slim book called, Letters From Boot Camp. It is filled with letters she wrote asContinue reading “Where Donna Galanti Interviews Me”

Author Interview: Erin McCahan

I am very excited to interview the adorable Erin McCahan, today! We have been pen pals for about a year now, and if you don’t have a few of those, I highly recommend it! I got to know Erin before I got to know her writing; and they are equally delightful. Her wit, and empathy,Continue reading “Author Interview: Erin McCahan”

Author Interview: Steph Bowe

Some stats on Steph: Writes: YA Fiction Represented by: Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown. Debut novel will be published by: Text Publishing Release Date: September 2010. Writes the popular blog: Hey! Teenager of the Year Resides in: Victoria, Australia Jody: You are fifteen. Is this true or false? Steph: True! Jody: I still can’t believeContinue reading “Author Interview: Steph Bowe”

Author Interview: SPC Michael Anthony

Knowing my interest in military books (especially ones that are about young people), my friend Val, a book reviewer, let me know about this book. Thank you, Val! I quickly bought it, and contacted the author. Even though I’ve talked to a lot of soldiers, I still get a little intimidated. SPC Anthony is, ofContinue reading “Author Interview: SPC Michael Anthony”