Self-Deprecating Sunday (23)

In which the YA author showcases her teenage years in all their awkward glory.

This one is for all those Disney fans out there. I’ve talked about the weird obsession I had in high school (and into college) with all things Disney here on Self-Deprecating Sunday: my trying to make “The Happiest Place On Earth” a goth flavor, and my carrying a decapitated Mickey Mouse head for a purse. So to round the Mickey Mouse obsession out to a full trilogy, I give you a photo of me actually AT Disney World.

It’s my junior year of high school, Christmas Break. I am in sweatpants shorts? And they are cuffed! My converse all-stars match my sweatpants shorts like a 1950’s housewife matches her pumps to her apron. But I really  bring the look home by scrunching my socks over the tops of my Chucks. Oh, sweet tan lines, here I come! Why have I climbed a sign in order to hug it for the camera?  Why am I happy that I’ll be camping????  There are just so many things wrong with this photo! I really wish I knew what my t-shirt was all about. I suspect it’s air-brushed.

Also, it’s interesting that Mickey Mouse is packing heat. And wearing animal fur. The hero of my childhood is a politically incorrect rodent!  Huh.

I’m always interested in featuring other YA Authors as guests on Self-deprecating Sunday, so If you’re a YA writer and wish to join in the fun, please contact me at jody(dot)mugele(at)gmail(dot)com. It’s more fun than church.

Published by jody sparks

Jody Sparks Mugele spent her first career in marketing writing and leading teams of writers and editors. After her son came out as transgender in 2015, she dedicated herself to advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. For two years, she led the Indianapolis regional chapter of PFLAG, a nationally renowned LGBTQ+ advocacy group. She has given many conference talks about parenting trans kids, healthcare in the trans community, and suicidality among LGBTQ+ youth. And with GenderNexus, an Indianapolis-based advocacy organization, she created programming and led support groups to work with parents to help their children through all aspects of gender transition. She recently moved to Northeast Georgia where she is excited to develop opportunities to continue to strongly and proudly advocate for LGBTQ+ members of our society. She also LOVES kitschy Christmas crafting!

5 thoughts on “Self-Deprecating Sunday (23)

  1. “My converse all-stars match my sweatpants shorts like a 1950′s housewife matches her pumps to her apron.” Love the simile! Makes me feel like i’m reading Raymond Chandler. 🙂

  2. And don’t forget that was the year that you got poison ivy and you were miserable 🙂 Such fond memories we all have.

    1. Jennie, I HAD forgotten about the poison ivy! But now that you mention it, I remember that I couldn’t wear the catcher’s mask at softball practice after that, as well. I think I’ll feature my rec specs next Sunday!

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