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Which treats of YA authors sharing the Great and Awkward of their teenage years.

Today I’m delighted to have another guest post! Last week we saw Josh Berk, jazz cowboy, on the cusp of becoming a teenager. This week I give you the charming and sweet Tina Ferraro. You may recognize her from adorable book titles such as The ABC’s of Kissing Boys, How to Hook a Hottie – 2009 Rita Finalist, and Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.

From Tina:

I present me in 10th grade:

A lazy eye
Chipmunk cheeks
The hairdo of a (hungover) hard rocker

and all brought together with a sexy, laced-up…sweater?

Worst of all?  This was at a photographer’s studio.  This was the best of the bunch that my parents actually PAID for.

Charming and sweet indeed, Tina. Thank you so much for participating in Self-Deprecating Sunday over here at Sparks and Butterflies. If you are a YA author who like to do a guest post some Sunday, contact me at jody.mugele(at)gmail.com It’s more fun than church!